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Interjection used in a situation that is slightly uncomfortable, often accompanied by a virety of gestures: 1. Pulling the collar with one finger (this represents the sweat collecting under the collar from the AWKWARD situation) 2. Arms form a triangle over the head (such as the A in YMCA) 3. One finger pointing at the back of the other hands wrist 4. Pointing at the back of the neck
John: I was snowboarding the other day and I hit this killer jump. When I landed I ripped my pants and my two inch dick was covered in snow!!!

Everyone else: ...Awkward...
by Emerson March 01, 2005
A user on LUE2.com. I don't know what he does.
linx is dumb.
I don't know who linx is.
by Emerson September 12, 2004
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