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Sex machine
That guy was so good in bed last night he was like a linde because he was so good at it.
by Stephanzz July 10, 2008
guitarist in HIM and guitarist/singer in daniel lioneye
wow..linde sure is sexy...im so glad he's all mine
by LucyLazer August 31, 2004
Guitarist of excellent band - HIM.
AKA -Lily Lazer
by Lily January 01, 2004
hehe...he´s the thin guitar player of HIM!!one of the best in my eyes!!
also a good singer..hehe!
hellz...what a thin body.....and what a fuckin´powerful voice!!
keep on rockin´!
by akasha August 31, 2004
Geetarist from HIM. Geetarist and vocals of Daniel Lioneye. Sexy MMmmmm....
Smexxeh lindeh pooooo!
by Lauren September 19, 2004