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guitarist in HIM and guitarist/singer in daniel lioneye
wow..linde sure is sexy...im so glad he's all mine
by LucyLazer August 31, 2004
Guitarist of excellent band - HIM.
AKA -Lily Lazer
by Lily January 01, 2004
hehe...he´s the thin guitar player of HIM!!one of the best in my eyes!!
also a good singer..hehe!
hellz...what a thin body.....and what a fuckin´powerful voice!!
keep on rockin´!
by akasha August 31, 2004
Sex machine
That guy was so good in bed last night he was like a linde because he was so good at it.
by Stephanzz July 10, 2008
Geetarist from HIM. Geetarist and vocals of Daniel Lioneye. Sexy MMmmmm....
Smexxeh lindeh pooooo!
by Lauren September 19, 2004