Lil Wayne is a rapper who...
At the age of 16, Wayne had a daughter named Reginae Carter with Antonia "Toya", his high school sweet heart. The two later divorced.1

Lil Wayne later enrolled and is currently attending the University of Houston in Houston, Texas since early 2005, where he is majoring in political science. 2 According to the Cash Money Records website, Wayne later switched his major to psychology. 31

It is confirmed that Lil Wayne was engaged with "Superhead" but they cancelled it. Wayne is now rumored to be engaged with Lauren London.

Rap foundation

Wayne's first contact with hip-hop was listening to local Cash Money Records artists like Pimp Daddy and U.N.L.V., whom he would later credit as his earliest influences. Wayne began rapping at block parties as a child. His performance at one of the parties caught the ear of Lil Slim, a Cash Money rapper from the neighborhood, who gave Lil Wayne his phone number. He went to an autograph-signing session with Lil Slim, and there met Cash Money Records owners, "Baby" and "Slim" Williams. His freestyling abilities impressed the Williams brothers, but they were initially reluctant to sign him. Eleven-year-old Wayne started to record freestyles on Baby's answering machine and would frequently visit Cash Money offices. When Baby saw so much engagement in the young rapper, he signed him. Wayne later was hooked up with another newcomer, Lil' Doogie (who would later become as famous as B.G.), to form The B.G.'z. The group released their first and only album, True Story, in 1995.

In 1997, Wayne formed the Hot Boys along with Juvenile, Turk, and B.G., and they released their seminal debut CD Get It How You Live. The record's success earned fans throughout the South and Midwest. He further distinguished himself on the Hot Boys' multi platinum-selling Universal debut, Guerrilla Warfare, which was released in 1998 and was followed by their 2003 release, Let Em Burn.


Tha Block Is Hot (1999)

Main article: Tha Block Is Hot

Wayne's debut solo album featured significant contributions from the Hot Boys and went double platinum, climbing to #3 on the Billboard album charts. The title track became a Top Ten hit.4 Other notable tracks included "F*** Tha World"--a rare instance of Wayne using profanity in his early career--in which he describes the pressures that accompany having a daughter at age 16.

Lights Out (2000)

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Wayne's follow-up album failed to attain the level of success achieved by his debut, although is was certified Gold. At this point in his development as an emcee, Wayne was criticized for coasting on his fame and the collective success of the Hots Boys. Critics pointed to the lack of coherent narratives in his verses as evidence that he had yet to mature to the level of his fellow Hot Boys.5 Notable tracks included "Everything," which Wayne dedicated to his late stepfather Reginald "Rabbit" McDonald, and "Grown Man," in which Wayne raps about the responsibilities that come with adulthood.

500 Degreez (2002)

Main article: 500 Degreez

Wayne's third album followed the format of his previous two, with significant contributions from the Hot Boys and the distinctive beat-making of producer Mannie Fresh. While certified Gold like its predecessor, it too failed to match the success of Wayne's debut. The title was a reference to the recently estranged Hot Boys member Juvenile's recording, 400 Degreez.

Tha Carter (2004)

Main article: Tha Carter

In the summer of 2004, Wayne released Tha Carter. Often cited as a highlight of his career, Tha Carter marked a significant development in Wayne's flow and delivery, as the young rapper began to employ more original diction and syntax, while occasionally experimenting with his voice and inflection. In addition, the album's cover art featured the debut of Wayne's now-signature dreadlocks.6 Tha Carter gained Wayne significant recognition, selling 878,000 copies in the United States, while the single "Go DJ" became a Top 5 Hit.7 The album was loosely organized around the theme of Wayne's mansion, which he refers to as Tha Carter. The tracks "Walk In," "Tha Carter," and "Walk Out" employ this concept, as Wayne takes the listener through his house, rapping about the activity therein. Before the release of the album, Wayne garnered attention by releasing a mixtape called The Prefix, which included him rapping over a handful of beats from Jay-Z's The Black Album. Wayne's connection to Jay-Z continued on Tha Carter, when he referred to himself as, "The best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired" on the track "Bring It Back," referencing Jay-Z's subsequent retirement after releasing The Black Album. This statement by Wayne marked the first time he called himself "The Best Rapper Alive" on a recording. Wayne's continued use of the boast from this point on in his career has essentially transformed the phrase into yet another nickname for the rapper.

Tha Carter II (2005)

Main article: Tha Carter II

December 6, 2005 brought the second installment of "Tha Carter" series. The album marked yet another shift in Wayne's career, as it was his first major release to lack the beats of longtime Cash Money Records producer Mannie Fresh, who had since left the label. As a result, Tha Carter II contained a more diverse range of production style than had previously been present on Wayne's recordings. Tha Carter II sold more than 238,000 copies in its first week of release, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. The lead single, "Fireman," became a hit in the US, peaking at 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The second single, "Grown Man", received little attention, while the third single "Hustler Musik" received a video and gained moderate airplay. Other notable tracks include "Fly In," "Carter II," and "Fly Out" which mirror the series of "walk" tracks that appeared on Tha Carter. Wayne also furthered his claim of being the "Best Rapper Alive" by including a track of the same name on the album.

The Mixtape Years (2006-2007)

Wayne's popularity continued to climb in the years following "Tha Carter" albums, yet no major solo album debuted during this period. Instead, Wayne reached his audience through a plethora of mixtapes and guest appearances on a variety of pop and hip-hop singles.8 Of Wayne's many mixtapes, Dedication 2 and Da Drought 3 received the most media exposure and critical review. The former, released in 2006, paired Wayne with DJ Drama and contained the acclaimed socially conscious track "Georgia.......Bush," in which Wayne critiqued President George W. Bush's response to the tragic effects of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans. Da Drought 3 was released the following year and was available for free legal download. It contained Wayne rapping over a variety of beats from recent hits by other musicians. The impressive flow, varied deliveries, charisma, dexterous freestyling that appeared on these mixtapes vaulted Wayne into the public eye, and won him a number of features in prominent hip-hop magazines, such as XXL and Vibe910

Tha Carter III (March 25th 2008)

Main article: Tha Carter III

After numerous delays, Wayne's first solo studio release is finally expected in stores in March of 2008. Initially planned to be released in 2007, Tha Carter III's largest delay came after the majority of the tracks were leaked and distributed on mixtapes, such as "The Drought Is Over Pt. 2" and "The Drought Is Over Pt. 4." Wayne initially decided to use the leaked tracks, plus four new tracks, to make a separate album, titled Tha Carter III: The Leak. The Leak was to be released December 18, 2007, with the actual album being delayed until March 25, 2008,11 The release of The Leak in this format never came to fruition, but an official EP titled The Leak and containing five tracks was released digitally on December 25th, 2007. Tha Carter III now has a release date of March 25th, 2008.12
Im Lil Wayne the best rappa alive!
by Zar32345 January 21, 2008
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Top Definition
Accidentally shot himself in the chest once.
And that's the damn truth! Look it up if you don't believe me!
by bigtones January 13, 2005
One of main reasons Hip-Hop is dead. Anybody who knows the foundation of Hip-Hop will agree. All his rhymes consist of wannabe punchlines. The thing is, he notes the obvious in his rhymes. "Im _____ like _______." Wow, Lil Wayne can put 2 n 2 together. Big fuckin deal. Call me a hater, but you know Im tellin the truth. His flow is weak cuz like I said, its all the same shii.

Lil Wayne is a HOTT rapper. Meanin he sells records. But to consider him a GREAT rapper, is bullshii. And like most "rappers" nowadays, he only talk about money, gurlz, cars n clothes. Dont you think dat shii is old? Start listenin to hip-hop that has lyrical meaning, like what it was originally founded and grew on.

Ex. - Nas, Common, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye

Jus a few to name. Dont forget the Legends.
"I get ______ like ________."
"I'm so _______ like ________."

Lil Wayne'z flow.

Get off his diq. I kno Im not good-lookin, but to me, dat nigguh look like a cockroach.
by KingSergio703 August 14, 2007
lil wayne - 1. whoopie goldberg's twin sister, separated at birth. 2. closet gay rapper who is secret ass lovers with "his daddy," bald big gay birdman. 3. wackest "lyricist" with the nerve to say he is the best. 4. hot garbage with a repetitive wack as hell type flow. 5. lame rap "artist" mostly listened to by 14 year old chickenheads, wanna be thugs, emos, closet gay highschool football players, and anyone who is of inferior intelligence. 6. the biggest tool in the music industry. 7. homoerotic rapper who was recently arrested during a big gay orgy on a tour bus where him and his 12 gay lovers were busted with large amounts of cocaine and extacy. 8. queerbait rap "artist" with tear drop tattoos under his eyes to represent how many ass rapings he recieved before he realized he enjoyed the cock. 9. a pathetic excuse for a rapper who doesn't even write his own lyrics because he is about as talented as a shit-flavored lolly pop. 10. wannabe hardass who dresses femme and possesses the worst case of bitch voice syndrome known to man.
its weezy f baby decked out in drag
representin' new orleans, baby's lil fag
cum in my dreds, my asshole is sore
my nigga birdman horny so i'm a give him some more
check out my suck game, i can deepthroat a horse cock
when birdman's skeetin' i catch every drop
some say i look like whoopie, everyone knows i'm a pussy
tryin' to be hard but i'm soft like fresh cookies!

(things that lil wayne should rap about if he wants to "keep it real,")
by Lil Wayne Sucks Big Dick March 10, 2008
Probably the biggest contributor to hip-hop's death today, maybe with the exception of Soulja Boy. He's got tattoos of cum, dripping down his face. He's got a hoarse voice, but a hamster penis. The reason for his voice is because, like his rhymes, Lil' Wayne sucks dick. He can't touch or even come close to real emcees like Rakim or Nas, although -due to his sexuality- he'd probably like to do both of those things.
lil wayne:

His name's "Weezy", the sleazy, cheesy rapper. It pleases him when his boyfriend skeezes in his greazy crapper. He gives rap a bad name cuz' all his raps are the same. All his raps are lame, and he looks like a dame. He's got cheddar, but only because some folks just don't know better. A woman once wanted to fuck him, but he wouldn't let her. He told her he was saving himself for Birdman, and that once they were married, they'd change their names to Lil' Stain and Turdman. His pubic hair dreads hang down past his face, another man's ass is his favorite place. He makes a milli here, makes a milli there, puts a willy here, takes a willy there. He shoves a willy here, loves a willy in his rear, he's really just a queer, livin' in fear. He shoves a willy there, loves a willy in the derriere, you can tell from his hair, that's no man, there's a fairy in there.

He's a willionaire.
by pjs91192 May 08, 2009
The least consistent rapper alive! Dude has great lyrics like, " I have no brain I am retarded!" "I'm so high I could eat a star!" "This is lil weezy, they cannot see me, they are like stevie!" Great stuff right? Dude is only sellin well cause people like someone that has the lyrical flow of a rock. Papoose would murder him.
"Yo LIL WAYNE IS SO GOOD MAD PROPS YO!!"-seven year old prebuisant boy
"His lyrics suck, he's slow, he has no flow and I hate his voice."-me
"Great having an intelligent conversation with you, peace."-me
by brealorgetthefuckout November 01, 2007
AKA Weezy Fuckin Baby, and I mean that in a verbal way.

An overrated, most mainstream piece of shit that ever picked up a mic. A man who relies on stupid metaphors and the same shit in everysong such as hoes, bitches, money, cars, and other rich shit. Someone who actually thinks hes hood and lives hip hop, but is only brainwashing every other wayne dick rider. His freestyles are shit and when he did a live freestyle on rap city, it took him 5 min to come up with a metaphor and says words that dont make sense. Made 4 albums and didnt get one of them published. Has beef with Gillie Da Kid who exposed the son of a bitch perfectly. Would get shot and killed if he ever started beef with 50 cent. Thinks he is so good but actually cant rap for shit. Calls himself the best rapper alive, but J. Holiday has better rhymes and can easily get destroyed by Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Nas and even old school rappers.
Me: Lil Wayne fuckin sucks, tha carter 3 is gonna be whack.

Wayne Dick Rider: wtf are you talking about? Wayne is the sickest and the greatest rapper alive!

Me: If you call dumb metaphors and retarded punchlines hip hop then you are fucked in the head.
by MepwnsBostonbitches November 10, 2007
What George W. Bush was to the world, Lil Wayne is to the rap game.

Shot himself accidentally one time at 12 years old. I mean dur, hey idiot, what are you doing playing with a gun? Leave it the fuck alone if you don't know how to handle it retard.

He's beefing with his former ghost writer Gillie Da kid for exposing him as the fake he is... Hey Lil Wayne, if you're the best rapper alive, then Gillie just takes it to a whole new level huh? I mean he wrote mostly all of your shit for The carter III.

He has many fans EVERYWHERE who would make my point about something being SERIOUSLY wrong with today's weed. It's like it subliminally makes you think Lil Wayne is the shit or something. Of course it also makes you retarded so anytime anyone tells them Lil wayne sucks, they retaliate with the usual "You a hater" line, and can never really say anything intellectual to back up their whole "opinion" on why they think Lil wayne is the best. Don't believe me? Look at all these definitions on Lil Wayne here that are on his side. All of them are "Fuck y'all haterz". I mean wow, I know you're stupid but at least learn to spell correctly.

He can freestyle? Oh yeah, free styling is easy when you know the lyrics XD, but then, hmm, that's not really a freestyle is it?

He collabs with every other aspiring artist today, which pretty much fucks up their careers afterwords. One wonders how he is in LA one hour and appears in Memphis the very next... does he have some gay twin or...
George W. Bush and Lil Wayne- The worst things to happen in the history of their trades.

Bitch, you weren't SHIT without Gillie Da Kid, you better start kissing his ass, but not literally. And don't try to kiss him in the mouth either cause he will kill your ass... Oh yeah, dumbass, you shot yourself in the stomach, not the brain but um... find other names to name your solo albums other than your last name OK?

You need to guest host on "Home makeover" to make a home for all your dick riding fans out there, so they can have a safe haven from all the real niggas out there, because we can't go on another day tolerating people who tell us you're the best rapper alive. Better yet, make it a school so they can learn to say smart shit, instead of "You a hater".

Get a life. No, shut up, killing hip-hop is no life bitch, you should go to jail for that, and one day, there will be a law saying no wack shit shall be played on the radio. And then what the fuck are you going to do? So go to college with all "your" money, your in quotation marks because you basically stole it with your foul mouth lies, learn something useful and come back as a successful lawyer or something.

If you're not going to do that, leave other artist's alone. Go collab with other wack artists like Justin Bieber but nobody we like, like Kevin Rudolph or Electrik Red.

And you better not try to kiss me for writing this you fag.
by Raw Doggy May 20, 2010

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