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wezzy f baby means wezzy fuckin baby

a nickname for Lil Wayne
"weezy f baby, fuckin baby"
by Chanel C April 13, 2008
1.) An asthmatic fucking infant.
2.) Not Lil Wayne.
by fagriculture December 25, 2008
Weezy f baby

lil Wayne aka Weezy has gay sex with his record label manager whose name is baby.

Lil Wayne is trying to tell the world that he is a raging homosexual.
Lil Wayne: Weezy f baby.
audience: Wayne! You fucked baby!
Lil Wayne: Yeah, he's me record label manager. What else am I supposed to do with him.
audience: You and Birdman are fucking faggots.
by DatshitTrue December 28, 2011
An alias of the rapper Lil Wayne. The f stands for fuckin. The baby is from his adopted daddy, baby aka birdman. Other nicknames for Wayne include The Fire Man, Birdman Jr., Pussy Monster and Weezy Wee.
If you gon call him weezy then you must say the baby, if you don't say the baby, then just don't say it at all, shut the fuck up

It's Weezy F. Baby, or Weezy F- You, Now you gotta have a baby

by Jbravo27 March 21, 2009
Weezy Fuckin Baby
Literally, That niggas homo. Weezy FUCKING BABY. Baby=Birdman
Damn Weezy just kissed Baby! It's in his name, they on that homo shit, Weezy F Baby, Weezy's Fucking Baby
by Dubdizme July 09, 2009
lil wayne
young money
young money entertainment
tha carter 3
he be paid
hello mothaf****r hey hi how ya derrrn weezy f baby tim-a take s**t n urine
by weezygurlwhatupdoe?? May 27, 2010
the best rapper alive.
Jack:Hey did u hear? Weezy F. Baby got shot.
Chelsea: That's it were over.
Chelsea: My life is over.
Chelsea: I'm horny
Jack: Me too...

(sex scene)

4 hours later
Chelsea:maybe a can live my life with out weezy...
Jack: Who's he?
by carter 3.5 March 31, 2008
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