to be, or have been, lieing down or napping.
I was lid down for bit.
He's lid down on the couch.
by CowMan June 05, 2004
Liverpool scally (or 'chav') slang for a male person. Replaces 'lad' or 'mate'.
"Aright lid", "nows der lid", "got a spare ciggy der lid?".
by nowsderlid March 25, 2008
A way of describing a man's toupee or really bad haircut.
When greeting a guy:

Look him straight in the eye, then deliberately glance up at his hairline and say: "Nice lid, buddy."

Lets him know that his hairpiece doesn't quite work.
by BestDefinitionsEver May 23, 2004
a hat or something you put on your head
sane person: i got my new red sox lid yesterday

idiot: i like my yankee lid better
by G-ray August 07, 2005
I got no weed man, can I build a lid with yar gear?
by toastface July 29, 2005
awesome persons nickname
dude! did u know that lid is awesome?!? she rules!
by Lid November 12, 2003
lesbiabn in disguise. Someone whos acts like a lesbian, but never admits it.
omg diane! you are such a lid!
by Rebecca Kelly October 11, 2008

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