a hat or a person's salad
"Dude nice lid, where did you get it?"
by darrenzo February 14, 2003
getting a blowjob, aka dome or head.
blowjob head dome face skull
man, that girl gave me some outstanding lid last night.
she gives some mean lid.
by J-Money/Schmeezy December 20, 2004
A lid is an absolute tosser
That barman is a lid!
by Timmy February 18, 2005
Lesbian In Denial
n. A female who in order to remain in the closet, dresses and acts like a total slut, and throws herself at guys.
Jason: Gee, I was sure that Laura was a lesbian
Derek: Nah man, she's a total Lid
Jason: Really? Well, that would make sense.
by Jack Stansfield March 29, 2015

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