to "lid" is to be a Bodyboarder
get a lid u stand up fags...
by Dakine February 19, 2003
1)English slang: derogatory term for the foreskin of a man's penis.
2)Used as a humourous and manly insult.
1) He peeled back his lid and rendered his girlfriend unconcious with the aromatic smell.

2)Guy 1:"Here's the money I forgot to pay your mum last night"
Guy 2:"Shut up, lid." ¬_¬`
by Ash C December 02, 2005
A scouse word for lad
hey lad have you got the time?
ey lid av ya got da time?
by Petdogg June 21, 2003
oral sex; head;dome;skull for either males or females giving or receivin
Janet gave me some crazy lid in the back of the '98 Malibu
by Skullcatcher November 05, 2005
An insult without using foul language
u lid
by David May 07, 2003
Contrary to popular belief a Lid is not an ounce of weed. The coffee cans had a key like a sardine can and the Lid would be wound off the can. The Lid used to measure usually contained about 4 fingers of pot. People at that time didn't have a triple scale to weight pot.
Maryjane sold me a Lid of Acapulco Gold and it's one finger short of a full bag.
by Tiki Punch May 28, 2005
a poor radio operator (ham radio)
He kept jumping in on the frequency. What a lid!
by Paul Monroe January 17, 2004

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