A language spoken predominately by 12-30 year old males in the Liverpool Area. If you are unable to speak Lid or lad as it is more commonly known, you may become subject to a severe beating.

The vocabulary of the language consists of few actual words, but can be confused with broken English.

While using the transport network in Liverpool, you may come across the lid language. If you have the misfortune to come across speakers of lid, remember to use your trusty elephant gun to blow their brains away. If you dont take this course of action, you will loose 1 IQ point for every minute you are exposed to the inane non-sensical banter.

The language evoloved out of the belief that it is "gay" to use a word with more than three letters.
Lidder 1: The pigs got me Lid
Lidder 2: Lad
Lidder 1: Lid
by anti-lid October 25, 2006
1 ounce of marijuana
knew she could smoke a quarter in an hour but not a lid!
by stagman May 07, 2003
1. a large bag of Marijuana or pot; the cannabis plant.
2. acronym for Long Island Dick. Term used by nyc residents to refer to guys from Long Island.
1. I just scored some lid.
2. Hey, I heard your sister is dating a lid.
by toast455 July 07, 2005
Lesbian in disguise; someone that claims to be heterosexual but is really a lesbian even though everyone knows you are a raging lesbo
-"I'm going out tonight and going to look hot. I'm wearing my blue baggy jeans, blue lacoste sweater (men's of course), blue sneakers, and blue red sox hat - backwards of course."

-"That's some hot outfit she's wearing too bad she's a LID."
by Tobesy April 28, 2007
someone's mouth
keep flapping your lid, and I'm 'a pop you
by Pimpsta April 17, 2003
A term used for hashish oil when its sold in units of beer bottle caps (bottle caps; hence the name "lid"). Lids usually sell for 20 to 30 dollaz, unless ur in the city.
Me: Jesus fuck! that dude puts out the shitest lids ever.
My bro: O rly? whatchu gon do.
by Antz da Ant March 22, 2007
to "lid" is to be a Bodyboarder
get a lid u stand up fags...
by Dakine February 19, 2003

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