Place where homeless people go to wash up in the bathroom and escape from the streets until ladies with godawfully tight buns shoo them away because they smell like soiled panties.
Homeless Man #1: Earl, get out of you box.
Homeless Man #2: Why? It's so cold and we're both homeless.
Homeless Man #1: We need to get baths and some refuge from this terrible cold and the library is open.
Homeless Man#2: Yeah! Let's go make it smell like ass!
by Bertny November 21, 2008
a place filled with books
cam was wacking off his uncle in the back of the library
by Bobby, Bobby Smo November 12, 2006
the bathroom (because its where people have time to read)
im going to the library.
by AEF August 16, 2004
Used to be a place where you could spend a nice, quiet afternoon reading a book or studying or checking your email. Now it's a place where the government watches your every move with recently-installed hidden cameras.
If you miss the deadline for returning a book to your local library, expect a call from your local government agency.
by AYB July 19, 2003
to be quiet and/or shy
man, y u so library on the phone
by baby grl March 21, 2005
A place to borrow books for school and recreational reading to the average soul, but to the enlightened folk it is equivalent to hell and is where Satan lies in wait. Sometimes you can find him "shhh-ing" people as the librarian, but some librarians are just simple, innocent people like you or me.
Go to the Library!
You will spend your detention in the Library.
by Alligo Pillege February 02, 2007
a place where homeless come to shave and go B.M.
From Family Guy:
Chris: What's a library, dad?
Peter: Oh, it's just a place where homeless people come to shave and go BM.
by T.P. Megnis May 13, 2005
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