Day shelter for:
a. children without responsible parents
b. recently released adult convicts
As your parole officer, I suggest you spend more time at the library.
by Fish Head 2008 November 29, 2008
The Center area of gloves or mittens where your fingers can meet to warm up especially when outside in the winter. This definition comes from the movie "The Day after tomorrow" when the cold comes and the group of new yorkers go into the library to stay warm.
Rebecca: Hey Zack, I am going to go to the Library.
Zack: I know what you mean; my hands are freezing too.
by Schillz January 02, 2008
A place where people bathe in books.
Child: Mom, I'm going to the library for a while.
Mom: Okay, sweetie. Don't forget to use soap.
by mbenn16 March 23, 2016
Often used as a code word for things that happen involving two or more people when they should be studying/revising. These mostly have sexual connotations.
"I heard that Andy and Mellisa, you know."
"Oh yeah, Library."
by Brianf213 May 17, 2014
It's just a place where homeless people come to shave and go BM.
"What's a library, dad?

Oh, it's just a place where homeless people come to shave and go BM. Let's go inside."
by Thomas Jefferson The Prez September 09, 2010
When a man cums on a magazine and rolls it and stuffs it in anothers butt hole.
Gay Guy 1: "Hey Skip!"
Gay Guy 2: "Hey Buddy!"
Gay Guy 1: "You Wanna Go In The 'Library' and...?"
Gay Guy 2: "Hellz Yeah! HARDCORE!"
by streetbloodking March 30, 2010
A building where homeless people and people with no social lives go to spend their time. It usually has shelves with books on them for some reason.

Also see "Homeless Shelter"
"I went to the public library yesterday. It's really depressing to see all those people that have nowhere else to go."
by HuuH October 19, 2009
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