5 definitions by Dover

The last name of the great hockey player Mario Lemuieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins
by Dover July 28, 2003
Most often performed by gimmel
by Dover April 10, 2003
the act of nonchalantly blowing a controlled decibel fart on/by a forigner...
After Mark was carded by the sand monkey, he turned around and gave him a binert.
by Dover April 10, 2003
A term often used poetically to refer to parts of Southern Louisiana.
"He's going home to Evangeline".
by Dover October 20, 2005
A place in the olden days where people would go to find information on various things. Nowadays, you can just find this same information on the internet from your own home without needing to go to the library.

In current times, since not many people go to the library, they have added computers with internet access, which is mostly used by bums or other homeless people looking for porn.
"what stinks at this library? oh, nevermind, i see a bum over there looking at porn, it looks like he hasn't showered in a month"

by Dover July 28, 2003

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