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Famous IFBB Professional, Jay Cutler, is bodybuilding's most recognized and personable athlete. IFFB 2002, 2003 & 2004 Arnold Classic Champion and IFBB 2001 & 2003 Mr. Olympia Runner Up.
1: Jay won't win the Olympia until Ronnie retires
2: Yes.
by Hugo April 06, 2005
One of the best song of all time.
OmFG this guy killed himself because of the song "Fade to Black"!
by Hugo December 20, 2004
Mentally ill person who uses public transport.Can spoil your journey by talking to them self (loudly) or talking to you.Can be amusing, but laughing at them can make them angry.
Failure to repress those who laugh alone does not improve public transport.
by hugo February 12, 2004
The nose. Used as an instrument. Your index finger closes ur left nostril, and u make a noise. Your other finger closes the right nostril to play different sounds.
What instrument do you play?

The nose flute.
by Hugo January 24, 2004
The study of cheese. More biological the cheesography. Cheesography is more the mathmatical study of cheese.
What do you study in university?

by Hugo January 24, 2004
Fan or worshipper of the actress Diana Rigg, of Avengers fame in the 60's. She played the part of Emma Peel, often in kinky leather, and had a formative effect on a generation of men. The term 'riggite' first used in the weblog 'Waving at Myself'.
This is for riggites everywhere!
by Hugo August 25, 2004
The study of cheese
Hey what do study in university?

by Hugo January 24, 2004
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