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A lesbian.
"She's a right old lezzer"
by moof July 10, 2003
142 16
Slang word for a female who is attracted to other females. Derived from the word "lesbian."
Look at her, she's kissing another girl! She must be a lezzer!
by Kuireta December 14, 2003
76 13
The word commonly used to define a lesbian by thick, common, working class social parasites. mostly people who read the sun newspaper.
by SarahJane & Dan March 03, 2004
64 56
Lesbians by another name. Those who sup from the furry cup and follow a meat-free diet.
The only decent looking women in Quebec are all lezzers! The only warm place to stick your cock is in a moose!
by Craig-in-the-hat January 30, 2011
5 1
Used to refer to someone who is causing grief, trouble, difficulty intentionally or not, or is an idiot.
your such a lezzer!
by samosapowis February 04, 2012
3 16
The way the british pretain the word "lesbian."
"I saw two lezzers making out on the subway."
"That's gross chap, care for some chips and fish?"
by peaches February 18, 2005
35 54
A general insult hurled at those who annoy. Or a term of endearment. Often meaning someone who is gay, attracted to the opposite sex but not necessarily so. Mainly referring to females but more insulting when applied to males also.
"sup lezzer?!"
"O you complete lezzer!"
"she fancies girls,she's such a lezzer"
"he is such a lezzer"
by Toni rules May 20, 2005
13 50