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someone that is gay and everyone knows it. he walks with a switch, talks like a fag, ties knots in there shirt
Oh wow...he is flamin
by peaches August 12, 2004
very rich white school in washington dc area. rivals of potomac, this school has an excellent basketball and golf program, wealthy families, and well dressed/smart students. you can typically find them wearing lacoste, north face, polo and other expensive brands on the weekend, practicing lacrosse or driving around in their bmw's and mercedes. as a previous definition states, flint hill kids are "smart as they are wealthy".
georgetown day guy: "look at those attractive girls in the bmw over there"

flint hill guy: "yeah they go to my school."
by peaches January 19, 2005
a large church that confuses most of the people who see it. Unknown to most of these people, large churches are ALL OVER the united states, with 20-25 churches this size in Atlanta alone.

"Bible church" is not a denomination, and as such mclean bible church answers to no church body on policy but believes in the bible alone as the source of "church polcy"
why does mclean bible church have video games and a gym in church? does that still count as church?

If it teaches the word of God, and if Jesus is the focus, then why not use video games to attract people who might otherwise not come?

who says church has to be boring?
by peaches May 30, 2005
nasty bumps on the back of peoples heads, face, bodies, etc...

razor bumps

skin rashes
ugh...He got bumpalitisfitis.
by peaches August 12, 2004
A fucking CRAZY ex-member of Korn who thinks that God talks to him and wants to kill 50 Cent.
Head forgot to take his pills, so he quit Korn and wrote a poem about a shitty rapper.
by Peaches March 30, 2005
a drink you ask for with a deep accent at 7-11
hey mis-ter, you seeem to be outta dis penis colata

-or, while singing loudly in 7-11-

"if u like penis colata"
by Peaches June 16, 2004
the highest complement for someone's looks.
damn...that boy got da hotness all up in his face.(meaning: that boy has a cute face)
by Peaches November 27, 2003
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