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variant spelling of lesbian
'Aye,' affirms Margaret-Anne as they walk off. 'Fuckin lezbeans.'
- Christopher Brookmyre, 'A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil', Little Brown, London, 2006, p281
by neil January 02, 2007
a bean you plant that in time grows into a very attractive lesbian
i planted a lezbean two weeks ago and i have a beautiful lesbian now :P:P
by jakem690 January 05, 2009
Pronounced Lez-been is a lesbian gym teacher that closely resembles a bean. You have no idea why she's teaching YOU about physical fitness when you can't tell her back boobs from her ass, but somehow, she's shouting at you "ON THE FLOOR!! SPREAD YOUR LEGS!! ON YOUR BACK NOW!!!!" and getting paid for it.
"I be Miss Johnson. I teach yo chilren bout dat physicah edjamacation. Dem chilren be disrespec fuh, talkin bout my back boobs. I'm just a lezbean. Aint my faut. Mmmmmmm RAPE TIME!!!!!!"
by Usagi__ February 23, 2008
A vegetable dish thats a favorite among dykes, that helps the ladies maintain healthy bowels.
Nancy made the ladies a lezbean casserole.
We women need our lezbeans to keep us regular.
by buttsacola July 30, 2010
A lesbian, but in a subtle and nicer way to say it without offending someone.
She likes beans, LEZ BEANS!
by foxymanshorts August 20, 2007
Lezbeans is a lesbian without the sexual benefits
My best friend is my lezbean she my lesbian without the sex were more than friends were lezbeans
via giphy
by Pandaluvz June 03, 2016
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