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A contraction of the phrase "transsexual lesbian". A transbian is a male-to-female transsexual who is also a lesbian - ie. a transsexual woman who is sexually attracted to other women.
"Probably more than half the trans women I know are transbians or bi. Fewer than half are straight."
by Transbian June 23, 2009
A transsexual woman (born male and transitions completely to female) who is a lesbian and is also willing to date other tgirls.
Example 1: "No one can love you like one of your sisters" - a transbian
Example 2:
Guy #1: Dude, look at those chicks. They're frenching right in front of us!
Guy #2: Dude!
Guy #1: Wait... dude, I think they're dudes!
Girl: We're transbians. Get it right!
Guy #1: Woah... hawt.
by Transgirl February 25, 2005
A transbian is a male-to-female transsexual who is sexually attracted to other male-to-female transsexuals and/or forms romantic/civil relationships with same.

(A male-to-female transsexualɑ who is attracted to women is of course, quite simply a lesbian.)
The rainbow parade had gay, lesbian and transbian couples.
by Melodia October 04, 2006
Noun, Contraction of "Transsexual" or "Transgender" and "Lesbian". A Male-to-Female Transsexual who is exclusively sexually/romantically attracted to other Male-to-Female transsexuals.

The participants in a Transbian relationship can be at any stage in their Transition, from just starting out, to postop. There are quite a few Transbians in the Transsexual community, and Transbian sex is the most awesome sex out there.

Transbianism is a phenomenon few can explain, but many feel that the sexual/romantic attraction between two Male-to-Female transsexuals arises primarily from the fact that the two participants in the relationship have a shared life experience that is not common to most people, and are thus "Kindred Spirits" of the truest, most profound kind.
(Convo between two M2Fs in a Transbian relationship): Oh, baby..... I wanna make sweet Transbian love to you <3.
by larkofam June 27, 2013
As a gender: a transgendered individual who self-identifies as a lesbian. As a sexual orientation: lesbians who prefer transgendered female-bodied partners.
1) I thought he was straight. Then he walked into a lesbian bar and I knew he was a transbian.
by Chance Encounters October 20, 2010
A female who is only attracted to transmen (female to male transgenders).
She's not a lesbian, she's a transbian
by Pooter1987 January 08, 2014
A genetic woman who is attracted to a transwoman
Cindy was born a female and she is dating Wendy, who was born a man, but is now living as a female. This makes Cindy a transbian.
by pookynv October 19, 2009
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