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a believer of the flying spaghetti monster or better known as fsm.
have you been touched by his noodly appendage?

yes, i'm a pastafarian
by chindra August 10, 2008
a word commonly said by jay of jay and silent bob flicks it could be used in many ways as a greeting, a fare well, or just a flat out fuck you.
"snoochie boochies bitches"


by chindra August 12, 2008
a dessert alaskan eskimos devour in seconds.
made from lard you can also substitute crisco, or animal fats
and berrys mostly the blue kind
mixed together to even make strong stomaches quiver
eskimo says 'want some eskimo ice cream, i made it fresh from todays berrys and yesterdays dead whale'

me 'hell no'
by chindra August 10, 2008
not to be mistaken with dark skinned boobs. brown jugs is an american liquor store that is in the midst of getting bought off to canada
lets go to brown jugs and get some tequila

sounds good, let me just get my brown jugs member ship card
by chindra August 12, 2008
a girl nickname for kendra. if you can't pronounce 'ken'dra just say 'chin'dra. mostly spoken by 4 year olds
this is my daughter.

my names chindra
by chindra August 10, 2008
not to be mistaken for an insult. unless your calling an indian that comes from a wide spread term for alaskan natives. also known as drunks.
hello mr. eskimo

i ain't no eskimo, i'm gonna kick you ass boy

lets have some eskimo ice cream

sounds good!!
by chindra August 10, 2008
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