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tall skinny nigerian hottie
you're out with the boys at the club, and spot your dream lady, you say to your guy friends "man, look at that lepa. I'd eat a mile a her s*** to get to that hole"
by lepaluva September 25, 2010
A certain type of high class leper that is know for having frequent seizures and jumping up and down when excited.
That old man is such a lepa!
by LeperLover February 24, 2010
(pronounced LEH-PAH)

A strong minded medeival queen of the 14th hundreds. Also called the Queen of Improv, and is (was) married to the King of Cliche. Famous for buying lower class men lunch, and for chopping off the head of anyone who does not agree with Prince Isaac or Duke Steven.
"Woah. That chick is such a lepa"


"Queen Amaine reminds me strongly of Queen Lepa in her prime."
by HerRoyalSubject February 25, 2010
Spanish word, Someone who switches from sureno or norteno. Someone that claims that he's one thing, and then claims that he's another
Remember Pablo. That faget is a scrap now. Pinche lepa
by David G. April 18, 2006
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