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An internet term meant to describe individuals engrossed in the process of faggotry. The alternate spelling is to distinguish those instigators of faggotry from legitimate homosexuals, towards whom no offense is intended.
Stop being a faget.

(assumes the target isn't legitimately homosexual)
by Max Faget August 13, 2010
1. This hideously misspelled derivation of 'faggot' is primarily used by uneducated rednecks who fail to see the irony of calling someone a derogatory name but having no idea how to say the word.

2. Used by closet homosexuals in an attempt to smooth out the word 'faggot' and give it a softer french/italian/spanish sound, with a rolled G similar to the J in french, and a silent T.
1. "Hey Chet!! Lookee that thar faget over there! Now get that cow ready for a bangin'!"

2. "Let's round up the crew, get some lattes and head out to the faget bar, where we can score -- I mean, I'm not gay and have no idea what faget means!"
by garan garan February 07, 2007
(Pronounced:"fash-et")This is a word used to describe a gay/homosexual individual that is too classy to be called a "faggot". It is a french word that can also mean "Donkey Shins", noone knows why, it just is ok?
Douche 1: Haha, faggot!

Fagét: Hey, I come from the royal family!!

Douche 2: Oh ok, he's too "fancy" . He's a fagét.
by Freedom Overload April 21, 2016
A gay person (a derogatory term)
Charles:You are such a Faget!
Robert:No! I accidentally took it up the butt! I'm not a Faget!
Charles:Yes, you are.
by Angel Wings of 93ICE November 10, 2008
Word used by people that don't know how to spell faggot.
"faget means a bundle of sticks you moron"
"that's cuz it's spelled faggot"
by Anonymous June 08, 2003
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