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1. When you eat a lemon, then give someone head, in hopes that the acid from the lemon will burn while head is being given.

2. When you hollow out a lemon and put it on your dick, using it as a guard when you have sexual relations with a woman.

3. When you put a piece of lemonhead candy in your urethra so that when you blow your load on her face she gets hit in the eye with the candy.
"Man, last night this chick gave me lemonhead..."
"Did it rule?"
"No man, it sucked, i think she cut me with her teeth and it burned like crazy!"

"Dude, last night i didn't have any rubbers on me, and this chick wanted me so bad!"
"So what did you do?"
"Lemonhead, man."

"Oh dude, last night i got this girl so bad, got her with a lemonhead right in the eye!"
by 6thHourStudyHall May 09, 2009
8 18
the best indie rock band of the 90's (except for the pixies of course!) with Evan Dando as their front-man. Let's face it, Evan Dando was the fuckin' Lemonheads. Who knows or even cares about the rest of the goddam band.
the Lemonheads were one of the best bands ever...
by JC December 14, 2004
29 9
when you see a girl in the distance that looks good and she gets closer you realize she is unattractive your face looks like you have alot of lemon heads in your mouth.
did you see mike at the bar the other day he was with a total Lemon Head
by pudussy November 17, 2009
52 35
gold or bright color earrings(diamonds)
Yellow diamonds in my ear, call em lemon heads
by NiceWitIt August 27, 2005
25 12
a hater of team radio. (chae hawk and bpc.)
Don't be a lemonhead, stay focused!
by chaehawk July 23, 2009
20 12
Yellow diamonds that are so big they look like "lemonheads"-(the candy). Usually a term used when talking about yellow diamond earings.
"Yellow diamonds in my ear, call um lemon heads"-cam'ron from the song "killa cam".
by dj_mike August 11, 2005
11 9
a pussy dingleberry, consisting of toilet paper debris, vitamin enriched urine, and in the sweet and sour variety, perhaps a smattering of twat cheese. Typically encountered during muffin munching (or to the connoisseur, cunnilingus) of a less than freshly washed snatch.
Man, I was lappin' on this woman like a thirsty dog when I came upon this chewy little lump that tasted like piss. I just knew it was the Dreaded Lemonhead! I was so hot, I just spat it out and went back for more!
by Gamahuche February 10, 2008
33 32
When a man is receiving head and he pees.
Man, i just gave this woman a lemon head. she gagged a little.
by Senior Watersports July 17, 2010
27 29