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1. When you eat a lemon, then give someone head, in hopes that the acid from the lemon will burn while head is being given.

2. When you hollow out a lemon and put it on your dick, using it as a guard when you have sexual relations with a woman.

3. When you put a piece of lemonhead candy in your urethra so that when you blow your load on her face she gets hit in the eye with the candy.
"Man, last night this chick gave me lemonhead..."
"Did it rule?"
"No man, it sucked, i think she cut me with her teeth and it burned like crazy!"

"Dude, last night i didn't have any rubbers on me, and this chick wanted me so bad!"
"So what did you do?"
"Lemonhead, man."

"Oh dude, last night i got this girl so bad, got her with a lemonhead right in the eye!"
by 6thHourStudyHall May 09, 2009
When someone is asleep and they roll over so that their hand is laying open to the side, one ejaculates into the palm so they wake up with a sticky present in the morning.
Why is my hand so sticky?
Did someone leave you a present?
What do you mean?
I think you got Secret Santa'd
by 6thHourStudyHall November 19, 2010

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