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The mons veneris, or triangular squishy, sometimes hairy space above female genitalia.
I throw crackers at your area!
by Woadie McChoaderson December 19, 2002
One who hears and recirculates another person's problems to the parties said person is having the problems with, usually really late and with plenty of elaboration, because they don't have enough drama in their own lives.
Donna is such a dramawhore; she told me Melissa was incredibly mad about my borrowing her shoes as though I hadn't already spoken to Melissa and fixed the situation about 4 hours ago and knew she wasn't mad. What a choad.
by Woadie McChoaderson December 19, 2002
Slang for a person of mixed Asian and European backgrounds, named after the snack cracker: the yellow color is based on Asian skin tones, and the cracker part refers to whites.
Man, I love Pat and Jenny. They're such ritzes.
by Woadie McChoaderson December 19, 2002
1: One who possesses megahertz.
2: A suffix that can be combined with any word to form nicknames or insults.
1: Owlatron, baby...16 megahertz!
2: Eat me, Fagotron.
by Woadie McChoaderson December 19, 2002
Racial slang for an Asian, based on eye shape and yellowish skin tones.
I called the lemonhead restaurant and ordered some eggroll.
by Woadie McChoaderson December 19, 2002

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