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a number after 10
hey man! wut time is it... "about lem somethin" ya knoe!
by hi January 21, 2003
39 46
To give up on reading a book before the end. Can also be capitalised ("Lem").
Veronica: I had to lem "Memoirs Found in a Bathtub". I just couldn't finish it.
by litlas February 04, 2014
91 3
A supreme being, some say has warrior-like characteristics.
wow richard is trying to be lem
by Justlee January 02, 2008
63 43
"Lem" can be used as both a noun or a verb, and is basically used to describe a copycat, or indeed the act of copying. Mostly used in the derogatory sense, it can be used to describe a rip-off, a fake, or even an unintentional coincidence.

The word was coined in the early nineties, and is based on the computer game Lemmings, in which mindless rodents follow each other to their grisly deaths.
Jimmy bought the same shoes as me. He's such a lem.
Hey, that's MY catchphrase! Stop lemming me!
Go-Bots is just a massive lem of Transformers.
by Ryan_F December 03, 2013
5 10
a different and far cooler way of saying "lame".
John: Are you going to Sharon's party?

Mary: No. Sharon's lem.
by I love lamp. October 17, 2008
20 29
One who is lame.
Cold0ne is lem.
by Funky December 01, 2002
22 31
1. to grant permission in a somewhat demanding demeanor
2. another word for send or give
person 1: "ahh! just bought a cold soda"
person 2: "yo lems me a sip!"
by binderdundatt February 16, 2011
2 12