Drug. White powder whose name derives from its similar appearance to LemSip.
"Is that LemSip?!?"
"Dont be silly : it's Lems!!"
by AmylaseII May 11, 2008
Jack Daniels, Tennessee Whiskey
Lets split a bottle of lem.
by PoTer March 14, 2008
To mean on your own.
Oh man, he has no friends, he's on his lem.
by nick_smith.arch December 01, 2006
A tall, asian boy, with a funny personality. He's also pimpin' lol
WOW look at joel, he pulled a lem!
by INFAMOUS January 28, 2005
to follow someone around
Mark was really leming bob (mark was following around bob)
by I DO WHAT I WANT April 21, 2004

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