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Funk Ninja's also have an inhuman tolerance for alcohol.
14 beers, no phase.
by Funky February 13, 2003
something that is almost as cool or hot as noah, but never actually as cool/hot as noah.
that bunny smells fich... almost like noah
by funky January 29, 2004
Anybody that you hate or is being an ASSHOLE.

It can also be combined with other words to be more insulting.
God I hate Steve, he's such a chode.

Steve is such a fuckin chodeface.
by Funky February 06, 2003
One who is lame.
Cold0ne is lem.
by Funky December 01, 2002
a family tree full of twats
james wake, eve wake, amanda wake, jenny wake, jamie wake
by funky April 28, 2003
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