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Someone who blocks you from gettin with a girl
Emanuel cockblocked me at the mall today
by InFaMouS March 28, 2003
Alias of 2Pac.
The rapper whom completed an album in 3 days, and stayed in the studio for 7 days straight.
Reincarnation of Tupac Shakur's rapping presence after being shot 5 times, reborn in Rikers Island.
Makaveli the don.
Did you hear the Makaveli album?
Did you cop the new Makaveli album?
by Infamous January 21, 2003
The backside of your nuts.
Move your schnackel so i can lick fatch.
by infamous September 09, 2003
West Indies term for a womans ass.
Da gyal get one fat zoom zoom! RASS!
by INFAMOUS February 21, 2005
Man snatch dude! check between your schnackel and balloon knot dog
come on it taint your nuts and it taint ur darkstar
by infamous September 09, 2003
A tall, asian boy, with a funny personality. He's also pimpin' lol
WOW look at joel, he pulled a lem!
by INFAMOUS January 28, 2005
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