Lellow is 'yellow' with an l instead of y. it is most often used to make people laugh, if your 6 or under, if you have a speach problem, or if you are just being reallie dumb.
Kirsten: "Hehe your very lellow today Nick! :) "
Nick: "Thanks. Your ora is very Lellow."

by Samm Doublya RuLeZ February 14, 2009
Top Definition
the word yellow, spoken by some 5-year-olds.
today i'm five yeows old and i'm gonna have lellow bawoons everywew.
by Angelacia February 14, 2008
A word that makes someone laugh or smile when spoken.
The word lellow makes me laugh.
by Sidak October 22, 2006
Yellow, with and L instead of a Y. This is mostly used if u are 5 years old and under.
Jenny- Can you pass the lellow?
Roger- Gosh Jenny Im using da lellow.
Jenny- i want da frickin LELLLLLOOOOWWWW!
by tayyyyyy November 23, 2009
A slang term for the color yellow. Made up just to piss people off and to be lazy.usaly used by teens in middle school.
Jesica:I want the lel low marker.
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