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A common term for a marijuana cigarrette. Originally derived from the term "left-handed cigarette"..
Yo Nigga, Pass me that lefty!
by Deaner April 02, 2003
The act of drinking so much that you are not able to complete your evening plans.
Guy 1: Dude, there's going to be a party tonight!
Guy 2: Really?
Guy 1: I guess not, the host pulled a lefty and got so drunk she passed out.
by 5150 dude January 11, 2012
Democrats that are intolerable to opinions not agreeing with theirs. Even includes lefties that side mostly with Democrats but are not bright enough to realize they are lefties.
Lefties hate it when people question them.
by FireCad March 07, 2011
- noun 1. The remains of a rolled up joint.
2. What's left from a blunt.
Ex: 1: I'll finish my homework after this lefty.

2: This Twilight movie blows, it's a good thing we smoked that Lefty.
by Pandanitis February 23, 2011
noun : Leftover food. Usually from Thanksgiving dinner, but can refer to any high quality, significant quantity leftovers. Should be of suitable quality to be deemed desirable, and of sufficient quantity to provide at least one meal.
"I'm gonna sit around on Black Friday, watch the tube and eat lefties."

"I've gotta leave now, hon, there's pizza lefties in the fridge for dinner."
by Squintoon November 29, 2013
A lefty is a little slice of heaven that grows on your chest. Most people don't treat there lefty with respect, but you must always love your lefty. A lefty can be bald, hairy, or ugly. Most people prefer a hairy lefty.
Hey mom i'm kinda cold, can you come over and lick my lefty?
by Lefty Guardian March 28, 2011
an old slang term for marijuana: common in the 70's, unheard of now
"Grandma, what did you call weed in the 70's?"

by BeantownGreen March 22, 2009