"Not an expert"

Commonly used on the /r/askscience subreddit to indicate that the person answering the question is not an expert in the field.
I'm NAE, but...
by UncertainHeisenberg October 14, 2011
"An attractive girl or woman: especially one that the speaker (a male) is interested in having sexual relations with." origin: upper east side
Sawyer: Damn dude did you see our tour guide's ass.
Alexander: Yeah dude. What a nae.
by Nick Potter December 03, 2014
Abr. "Never Again Experience" - so as to communicate something classified as being off-limits for the future.
1.) I declared that restaurant NAE after the last time we ate there; we're not going back.

2.) OMG, that guy's hooter was so small, going home with him was so NAE.
by Woman who knows November 14, 2010
- adjective, naes-er, naes-est

1. Pleasing; agreeable; delightful; awesome; DOPE; master; hopi master; respectable; admirable; amazing; inkreibel; mal krou
Dude 1: "Hey, you seen that dope girl pass by with them tattoos?"
Dude 2: "Yeah man, those were naes tattz."
by Naes INk March 12, 2016
a surburban white kid posing as a "gangsta" all the while playing various text based dungeons and dragons games. One who is desperate for attention.
see Ice Hot Stuntaz or Wigger
I went to Chino and saw the surburban naes drinking sprite and playing typing games.
by Ariond April 29, 2008
A Michigan breed of spider monkey
I have seen nae hopping around all over the place
by Webster April 14, 2003
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