A lefty is a little slice of heaven that grows on your chest. Most people don't treat there lefty with respect, but you must always love your lefty. A lefty can be bald, hairy, or ugly. Most people prefer a hairy lefty.
Hey mom i'm kinda cold, can you come over and lick my lefty?
by Lefty Guardian March 28, 2011
an old slang term for marijuana: common in the 70's, unheard of now
"Grandma, what did you call weed in the 70's?"

by BeantownGreen March 22, 2009
The art of Leftying. When one male friend touches another male friend's genitalia in a pleasuring manner....with his left hand. Hence, "Lefty".
Dude, how are you doing that?

Oh, it's no biggie. I Lefty myself at home all the time.

Dude, teach me.
by Dan Nobile March 06, 2009
1. a right handed male who masturbates predominately with his left hand. serves as an annoying to him and funny to everyone else nickname that may earn you slaps on the face if said too often.

2. a character in the book Youth in Revolt, so called because of the above
Taylor: "hey LEFTY"

Ivan: "Damn it, don't call me that! my name is Ivan! *slaps Taylor*"
by does this make you angry? July 18, 2009
1. A guitar designed so that it may be strummed with the left hand rather than standard guitars, whose body and string arrangement are designed to be strummed with the right hand.

2. Someone who uses their left hand to strum whether they are completely left-handed or not; also someone who is completely left-handed.
1. I own a regular guitar, but it's strung like a lefty so that I can play it.

2. Jimi Hendrix was/is one of the few famous leftys.
by D-Shiznit June 27, 2005
A penis that hooks towards the left due to a lot of masturbation with the left hand
Damn, you have a massive lefty.
by Marcus January 05, 2005
The name of the common ailment of having one sore testicle, regardless of what one it is, it's called Lefty.
Guy 1: "I've got fucking lefty, it's killing me"
Guy 2: "Nae joy, haha!"
Girl 1: "What's lefty???????"
by Sean Beej September 14, 2006

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