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v. Masturbate, jerk off, wanker.
Javi was caught strumming in the bathroom with KickFag.
by Mario Rogic January 17, 2003
A girl who leads a guy, but then rejects him.
Lila: why are you flirting with Matt, I think matt likes you
Carrie: I dont like him
Lila: you're a strum

Matt: i really like carrie

Jacob: Bro but she's a strumming you
Matt: o word?
by jerryhatessquallys January 06, 2014
Something said when there's nothing else to say in a conversation. After guitarists strumming a tune when the singer stops.
Bill: strum
by Uncle Whippity January 09, 2004
Strum, Wisconsin is a tiny town south of Eau Claire, WI. There population is just over 1,000. Kids who live in Strum attend Eleva-Strum High school, a school which dominates many sports. Strum is a great place to live and usually people from Strum are funny and nice. Everyone knows everyone. Typical small town. Full of Norweigans.
Typical Strum, WI:
Man: Hey what time does the post office close?

Woman: I don't know, call the Hardware store and ask them to look across the street to see if the open sign is up.


Man: I forgot to tell my wife to pick up hotdog buns at the grocery store! *calls Robbes*

Cashier: Robbes, this is Joyce.

Man: Hi is Mary in the store?

Joyce: You betcha, she just walked in.

Man: Could you please tell her to grab a pack of hotdog buns.

Joyce: Sure thing. Say, how is your mother doing? Is she out of the hospital now?

Man: She's doing well, thank you.
by wordDmakErr November 30, 2011
The dangly piece of skin that connects the ball-sack and the dong!!
ME-"Dude that girl last night was all over my strum!!"
FRIEND-"So she was a strum bandit?"
by bragdo May 13, 2008
Kind of like a 'scrum' that you would have in a Rugby game, accept instead, the Meryl Streep fans of the world jump on Meryl and her husband Don Gummer.

Get it? Streep, Gummer, Strummer?

Scrum, Strummer, 'Strum'?
"OMFG, what I'd get in a strum with Meryl..."
by Elzibubb October 23, 2009

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