Any person who has no personality of himself, so as a result, he/she/it will suck every piece of personality that you have, he/she/it will become another you, but will probably be much more ugly.
The biggest leech known to man, Zach St. John of Toledo Ohio. HE IS VERY VERY VERY UGLY.
by Jordan, Gram August 26, 2006
Audrey Knaub
That's girl is such a leech!

What a Knaub... (Audrey if you ever read this check the definition of knob on here)
by PHY 231/241 July 06, 2011
A nick name for a McDonalds worker
What leech served you today?
by James Kurt February 11, 2009
A very smart woman who decides not to work and 'takes care of the children' while the husband works and makes all the money for the wife to spend
Teacher: What do you want to do when you get older, Sara?
Sara: I wanna be a leech so i can get my hair and nails done regulary, and shop shop shop with my husbands money.
by Becky September 18, 2004
a really annoying person who thinks they're your best friend just because you lent them your pencil and, despite all your efforts to make them go away, latches onto you and sucks the fun out of everything, and generally makes life totally suckish
Dude, don't get too friendly with the new kid, I heard he's a total leech
by Erica10 August 15, 2007
A maneuver acheived by pushing very hard against someone's upper arm with a finger, often accompanied with a simultanious wiggling of the acting finger and a loud exclamation of "leech!".
Sylvia leeched Joe so hard that it left a bruise.
by Paxilon February 04, 2010
describes a girl who loves giving head jobs or giving brain
originated from teens in Sydney Australia
i'm meeting up with a leech tonight to cop a headjob
by Lil Rizky October 05, 2007

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