A person who sucks and sucks.. they use you and then they move on when IT doesnt need you anymore or when IT doesnt see you on its radar....

you normally give them a kind helping hand out of pity because they are lonely and they seem harmless, but they will take advantage of you and in the end you dont even get a ....Thanks for all your help!
This is how they appear....

I dont have anybody here....i need help... without you i would be lost, i was supposed to meet a friend here but he stood me up so many times...
(Ohh dont worry Amanda, <<even though i dont even know who you are and i feel sorry for you...>> i'll help you find a place to stay, introduce you to people and i will be around if you need me, i know you are new in town and i will show you my hospitality )
Reeeeeally? ok then...I need thisss.... can i borrow that.... can i stay in your place for a while like.... every single day, can you come with me to do this, im sick do you have something, i ran out of sugar can i....
YES, ofcourse, anytime <<i would say>> until you finally realise, WTF you life sucking bitch!!

LEECH ALERT<<when you realise you are being invaded by leeches....keep them as far away from you as you can, when they come over, dont answer the door, when they ask you out, make up something like your toenail hurts and you cant go out, remember out of their sight and out of their minds, so stay off the places they normally visit, and they wont disturb you anymore, hopefully they will get the message and will probably find another naive person to suck on>>

Learn your lesson, and dont let it happen again!
Remember Karma will get their fucking sorry asses!!
by Karma is here! September 12, 2009
Someone who always borrows money from people, and has no intention of ever paying them back!!!
Ian Burman-Has owed me $2 for several months and I rag on his ass every day.
Ian Burman is a douche.
by Zack Kolle May 13, 2003
A person who can't get anything himself and has to feed of the more fortunate
A HOBO or my mom (thats right i said it mom)
by bob February 15, 2005
To steal another site's bandwidth, usually by showing a picture directly instead of linking to the site. Leechers can normally expect their file to be swapped for something horrifying.
Poster #1: YEEEEEEARRRGH!!!! That picture I posted changed into the Harlequin Fetus!

Poster #2: That'll teach you not to leech, fag.
by Freddy November 16, 2003
A person who targets a group of people and stops at nothing to hang out with them. They usually target one of the nicest group members first, then make their way to the best looking one in the group, therefore allowing them to slowly become a part of the group, even though they are disliked.
Man that Codie girl made you drive for 45 minutes to a San Diego resort. She's a definately a leech.
by John Quesando August 09, 2009
Type of behaviour that constitues extreme insults, emotional and sexual harrassment in the workplace. The 'Leech' will often blame his own dispicable behaviour upon other colleagues, and has NO FEAR of Human Resources or indeed his own conscious.
That Andy is such a leech - I hear Anna fell over the other day and he groped her on the way down!
by Leech-Victim March 04, 2009
a person that hangs on to someone without being wanted yet he thinks he is the man
yoo ali, you see that young henrita his a leech you know
by a.dot November 29, 2013

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