Guy on irc that has every hentai manga known to man and some not known; able to type 80WPM while masturbating; has restraining orders in every city he moves into, to stay away from children
Leeches will have it, he has everything hentai
by Kamatari April 14, 2003
netw3rkd™ aplz™ Kris™
<mimikish> look up leech in the dictonary and it says 'see "aplz"
by DjOzzman December 04, 2003
Someone who gives rly good hickies
yoo that leech lady gave me the biggest hicky ever
by nihiice! January 07, 2006
Fucking leech kid is eating our food again!
by McLeet May 05, 2004
A person with a bad hair cut
by cone September 08, 2003

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