1. To be annoyed by someone/ something
2. If someone is in your buisness and does not know the issue
1. You dont know what happen so leech off
2. Mann my teacher was leechen today
by Bunnybooteen January 29, 2011
bitch who loves pleasuring peen
"I love brain; I need a leech."
by Keyshuh October 21, 2007
1.A person or machine who leeches off others jokes and uses them for his own pleasure as if it is his own.

2. a person or machine who quotes movies in an excessive way to get false laughs from their "friends".

3.Paul Dodd stealing jokes in an attempt to be "funny"
Paul Dodd
IE- Dude why is paul always quoting movies?, he is such a fucking Leech.
someone who hangs around people who they think are there friends. they stand on the outside of the circle, never have any input and follow people everywhere.
Person 1: oh great here comes claire
Person 2: omg she is such a leech, she just follows us everywhere.
by lies September 19, 2006
A person who is highly infatuated with someone else and is often refered to as a sap for this reason. The leech constantly follows to poor poor poor innocent infauated victim and stands by her constantly. The leech is often boring, emotionless and has a strange resemblance to c3po. This process is often refered to as leeching.
OI craig stop leeching onto mary u big sap. LEEECH - the leech replies - bleep bleep bleep and stands emotionless
by Lloyd1990 July 07, 2005
Someone who copies everything someone else does, and claims it as their own. VERY clingy.
Thalia is such a leech. She copied my hairstyle!
by Nila March 01, 2005
One who attempts to go with someone with the intention of using them for money, sex, intelligence, etc.
There are many leeches at TTHS; I met one after lunch who wanted me to go with him AND tutor him. A bit much, don't you think? I declined to go with him, but I offered to tutor him. That repelled him.
by Shawn B. May 22, 2003

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