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An anus, otherwise known as a baloon knot.
I like putting my man milk onto a leather cheerio.
by shinebox March 14, 2003
132 17
anus; rectum
My chica's leather cheerio looked like a jelly donut by the time I was done hammerin' it.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 28, 2002
76 29
A butthole; pertaining to the shape and texture that it resembles.

Also know as the "Devils Onion Ring"
"Dude, that girl is so hot, I would lick her Leather Cheerio with out even thinking twice..."
by Abick March 31, 2008
41 18
a chaffed, unwashed ass hole; a asshole that looks painful to have
I was going to shrimp this girl but she had a leather cheeri-o.
by jeremy o'connor May 15, 2008
12 9
Term used in the batty community to describe the appearance of the ass hole
After getting chutney on his chin, Ritt proceed to go right for a munch on his batty boy's leather cheerio.
by K December 16, 2003
23 34
A lady or man butt hole
i got home a bit drunk and horny last night and went to town on my mums Leather Cheerio... and it stank!!!!!
by star anis March 22, 2008
7 28
An girls asshole that has been fucked too many times and has taken on a leathery texture.
Fat bastards mom obtained a leather cheerio from the many times his little brother fucked his own mother in the ass.
by chad28 March 31, 2003
16 42