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An anus, otherwise known as a baloon knot.
I like putting my man milk onto a leather cheerio.
by shinebox March 14, 2003
After getting a slobby knob proceed to dip your hard cock into a bag of cocaine and then ram her in the dook.
I love giving that bitch the "Dusty Baker."
by shinebox May 10, 2003
v. engaging in the act of intercourse with one's armpit
needless to say, i did not lend out the bagpiper during my entire trip to france
by shinebox April 05, 2003
Beers consumed behind the wheel of a vehicle. Preferably a 16 oz. High Life behind the wheel of an '74 Vista Cruiser.
Stop at the Hindu-Hut to pick up some road soldiers.
by shinebox March 14, 2003
A premature female on the verge of sprouting her first short and curls.
There's nothing like drinkin' a solja and mowin' a hairyet's bizzy.
by shinebox March 15, 2003
The Female Genitalia.
She was pretty stupid but she was a great leg warmer
by shinebox March 17, 2003
Jessica's enormous Labia
Foliot just paid for my abortion because I hit Jessica's beef curtains.
by shinebox March 14, 2003

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