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The state of being totally relaxed and chilled, beyond that of being just relaxed or chilled.
This weekend I took it real easy and was just chillaxin' from Friday night to Sunday night.
by chad28 March 28, 2003
The official term for the surgical procedure that a woman undergoes when she has a sex change operation.
The dumb bitch who thought she was a man trapped in a womans body had an addadictomee.
by chad28 March 31, 2003
Former late night, drive-thru, employee of a Yonkers, Ny Taco Bell who is extremely under-educated and partially retarded. Most memorable saying: "We're out of beef", which was barely audible between the crackling of the drive-thru speaker and the fact that he is partially retarded.
Yo J.W., I can't believe Duface is working again. Fuck this retard, lets go to the light for some wings instead.
by chad28 March 31, 2003
An girls asshole that has been fucked too many times and has taken on a leathery texture.
Fat bastards mom obtained a leather cheerio from the many times his little brother fucked his own mother in the ass.
by chad28 March 31, 2003

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