Good for them.
"Why are you so lazy? You should be like Juliana, she's in college at 14!"
"Mmmm-hmmm. Good for her."
by YepMhhHmmUhHuhWhatEver January 27, 2009
Imperceptible interstice taking place between what you are now and what you are meant to be.
Can it be that I am becoming lazy?
by Nico84 July 17, 2009
Someone who doesnt get off there butt for anything.
Get your lazy ass up you cant sleep all day alex!
by JDogg February 04, 2003
lazy - a description of people who drag their feet and/or Dumbasses who say "aks" instead of "ASK!"
Pick up your lazy ass and put one foot in front of the other.

Get off your lazy ass and read a book.
by ki-wee September 15, 2003
Louise, when she's too knackered to get off her big butt to do anything, so she just sits in the dark all day watching tv with the curtains closed.
Louise, you're lazy

I know. Go away, you're letting in the light.
by notlouise February 14, 2004
1. worthless, as in having no value. 2. not helpful 3. uninteresting, as in Josh, you are not helpful, or interesting, or valuable.

Josh. While his partner Steph was checking out all of their residents today, not even stopping for a glass of water, Josh sat on the couch and played worthless video games.
"Josh, why don't you help Steph?"
"No one signed up with me. And I am working the desk in five minutes."
"Josh, you are LAZY."
by shubbalicious May 18, 2007
someone who doesn't work for anything in their idea of a life
"That nig over there won't do anything! What a lazy fucking bastard."
"Same with that beaner sitting on the corner."
by Mr. Happy June 17, 2006
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