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Abbreviasion of the name Gary Glitter, a former rock star and convicted Paedophile
"Geeg does kids"
by Speak the Hungarian Rapper August 26, 2008
A home made cart constructed with wood and pram wheels. The name is unique to the Paisley area as neighbouring Glasgow, would refer to this as a bogie.
Give me a wee shot of your geeg.
by weesaint October 15, 2011
A variation of a term used in gaming, "Good Game" or "GG"
Geeg, guys. Geeg.
by Bestdankboi May 25, 2016
1. Grubin's Girlfriend
2. A very beautiful Human Being
3. The shine in the stars
4. The meaning to my life
Hey geeg, you are beautiful. Why don't you come over to my place and we will do the polka.
by Grubin December 06, 2004
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