a word we made up so that we don't feel bad for saying we don't feel like doing the desired action.
person a, "hey! can u paint the fence today?"

person b, "naw, too lazy today."
by $3PPy July 23, 2008
Someone who is really bored and too lazy to post something legitimately on the "Urban Dictionary" so he posts the word "Lazy" to see if it will be published
Lazy person: I'm bored so i'm going to post the world "Lazy" on the "Urban Dictionary"

Normal Person: You're lazy!
by NoU_ March 15, 2015
a word that perfectly describes fluffy-pomegranate on tumblr.com
"Oh my god, Becky! Fluffy-pomegranate is so lazy that if she misspells 'WORDS' she'll auto correct it instead of fixing it!"
"Oh my god what a lazy asshole."
by PrimaDonnA October 20, 2013
George Bush
George Bush is a lazy cunt.
by planb24seven July 10, 2008
He wouldn't help his mom out. That's pretty lazy.
by kwyjibo2011 August 08, 2008
someone who doesn't feel like doing anything. who just sleeps all day and night. and also doesn't have a life
my sister is so lazy, she's getting fatter and fatter by the day
by May Oo July 10, 2008
Good for them.
"Why are you so lazy? You should be like Juliana, she's in college at 14!"
"Mmmm-hmmm. Good for her."
by YepMhhHmmUhHuhWhatEver January 27, 2009

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