When someone, in this case Holly Ruth Guza, does not want to clean her pool by herself, would rather pay some money instead of complete an easy task
Don't go to a lazy persons house to swim
by NotTylerTheCreator July 12, 2015
Not taking the time to look presentable before leaving the house or wearing mix matched clothes.
-What the heck is Linda wearing? That's straight up lazy!

- Woww, jordans and a church suit? That's lazy
by Black Rose 11 March 01, 2014
And expression used to describe someone as lazy, but in a more emphatic manner. It started as an expression used by Mr. Brian Schmittner, a math teacher at Harrison Community High School (Harrison, Michigan). It has since come to be used more and more frequently by his students. Often used in tandem with Mr. Schmittner's other pet phrase, "vegitable."
You know why you got the wrong answer? Because you don't want to think! You are L! A! Z! Y!

You failed your wooc test? Didn't you study? As Mr. Schmittner would say, "You are L. A. Z. Y."!
by GTgunner January 10, 2010

A man who believes there is much grace in patience and inactivity. A man who would rather do a thing the next day, if not never! One who regards indolence and inertia as an elegant art form, to be cultivated with careful practice over time so that a habit becomes second nature. A symptom that you were born – not with a silver spoon but the whole 24-piece, gilt-edged cutlery set. The lazy man looks down upon labor as an unnecessary device of the humble and the needy to secure the comforts and qualities of life that would enable them to achieve a state of laziness. Since he’s already there, the full circle already come, he pulls out a mirror from under his pillow and gazes starry-eyed into it and says to himself, blushing at his precognition, “god! You’re awesome!”
Martha: “I hope you flushed when you were done?”
Dopey the pet poodle: “ Mama, I was too lazy to tear around the Poplar in circles to look for the flush!”
Martha: “not the Poplar under which Davis, my husband, and your dear departed owner is buried?”
Dopey:” how did you guess, mama?”
by manjeet sg December 06, 2015
Participating in homosexual acts because it is easier than persuing a relationship with a female.
Josh and Patrick aren't gay, they're just lazy...
by Keldren March 31, 2004
Napping before noon.
Adam was so lazy that he fell asleep after reading 9 pages of his book at 10am... on a Monday!
by NotoriousLIZ July 02, 2012
When used to describe a person, someone who can't be arsed to get off the sofa if they don't have to, won't walk if there's a bus and in general avoids doing unnecessary movement.

This type of person is also categorised by complaining about being unfit due to the lack of activity they do.
Lazy people include: Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Mairi White
by yodathedark October 27, 2010

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