someone who lays around all day, wears hats all the time and never does work of any kind
Oby is very lazy
by publisher123 July 11, 2010
Not taking the time to look presentable before leaving the house or wearing mix matched clothes.
-What the heck is Linda wearing? That's straight up lazy!

- Woww, jordans and a church suit? That's lazy
by Black Rose 11 March 01, 2014
a word that perfectly describes fluffy-pomegranate on
"Oh my god, Becky! Fluffy-pomegranate is so lazy that if she misspells 'WORDS' she'll auto correct it instead of fixing it!"
"Oh my god what a lazy asshole."
by PrimaDonnA October 20, 2013
When used to describe a person, someone who can't be arsed to get off the sofa if they don't have to, won't walk if there's a bus and in general avoids doing unnecessary movement.

This type of person is also categorised by complaining about being unfit due to the lack of activity they do.
Lazy people include: Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, Mairi White
by yodathedark October 27, 2010
Someone who is really bored and too lazy to post something legitimately on the "Urban Dictionary" so he posts the word "Lazy" to see if it will be published
Lazy person: I'm bored so i'm going to post the world "Lazy" on the "Urban Dictionary"

Normal Person: You're lazy!
by NoU_ March 15, 2015
Napping before noon.
Adam was so lazy that he fell asleep after reading 9 pages of his book at 10am... on a Monday!
by NotoriousLIZ July 02, 2012
a word we made up so that we don't feel bad for saying we don't feel like doing the desired action.
person a, "hey! can u paint the fence today?"

person b, "naw, too lazy today."
by $3PPy July 23, 2008

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