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American Laziness
-Doing more than whats necessary for something simple.

Other Forms
-Refusing to move for even the simplest of tasks.
1) I am so lazy I trained a parrot to change the channel instead of getting new batteries for a remote; Instead of pulling my periodic table out of my backpack, I installed the periodic table app onto my iPod

2) I refuse to move to change the channel; HONEY, can you change the channel; Honey, can you get me some batteries
by Feildmaster November 20, 2009
Sitting within arms reach of your thermostat (which you've wired up to the internet) and changing the temperature from your pc because you didn't want to reach.
jay changed the temperature, the lazy fool
by hooligan495 January 24, 2009
And expression used to describe someone as lazy, but in a more emphatic manner. It started as an expression used by Mr. Brian Schmittner, a math teacher at Harrison Community High School (Harrison, Michigan). It has since come to be used more and more frequently by his students. Often used in tandem with Mr. Schmittner's other pet phrase, "vegitable."
You know why you got the wrong answer? Because you don't want to think! You are L! A! Z! Y!

You failed your wooc test? Didn't you study? As Mr. Schmittner would say, "You are L. A. Z. Y."!
by GTgunner January 10, 2010
Someone lacking energy, consideration, or ambition. Describes at least 50% of the people at Baumholder Army Base.
My neighbor is too lazy to pick up her dog crap so it's stinking up our yard.

I was going to get dressed before going to the store, but I was too lazy so I went in my pajamas.

I'm too lazy to google the information myself so I'll just ask someone else to do it for me.
by depressedbylife June 24, 2012
Participating in homosexual acts because it is easier than persuing a relationship with a female.
Josh and Patrick aren't gay, they're just lazy...
by Keldren March 31, 2004
Highly motivated to do nothing but eat, and sleep.
Man i want to go to the gym today, but I'm so lazy! I think i'll take a nap instead.
by ThatOneGuyOverYonder March 30, 2014
Not taking the time to look presentable before leaving the house or wearing mix matched clothes.
-What the heck is Linda wearing? That's straight up lazy!

- Woww, jordans and a church suit? That's lazy
by Black Rose 11 March 01, 2014