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pronounced "ah-bee"

a beautiful girl, fine young lady;
Dang, check out Oby over there...I wanna talk to HER.
#fine #dimepiece #luscious #brickhouse #beautiful
by obiageli October 27, 2006
Pretty much a baller. A person who considers himself a G in many ways, and in many ways, is correct. It is a person who is "ballin'," and without him, schools such as Maine East would be nothing but muff cabbage.

Someone who is better than a Chuck.
Dude! That amazingly handsome stud over there is such an Oby!
#ballin #cool #funny #handsome #g
by Oby! January 10, 2011
master of the cut! on a sports team when a player is being let go... the person who relays the harsh news is the Oby!
the Oby got me... now i am going to play in the miners
#cut #sniped #released #dogged #burnt
by Buckaround April 28, 2006
ownz0r l337 haxx0r
look, oby.
by oby December 27, 2003
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