Being a bum. not getting off your ass to do something.
my cat the lazy
by branio January 26, 2004
lazy - a description of people who drag their feet and/or Dumbasses who say "aks" instead of "ASK!"
Pick up your lazy ass and put one foot in front of the other.

Get off your lazy ass and read a book.
by ki-wee September 15, 2003
Louise, when she's too knackered to get off her big butt to do anything, so she just sits in the dark all day watching tv with the curtains closed.
Louise, you're lazy

I know. Go away, you're letting in the light.
by notlouise February 14, 2004
1. worthless, as in having no value. 2. not helpful 3. uninteresting, as in Josh, you are not helpful, or interesting, or valuable.

Josh. While his partner Steph was checking out all of their residents today, not even stopping for a glass of water, Josh sat on the couch and played worthless video games.
"Josh, why don't you help Steph?"
"No one signed up with me. And I am working the desk in five minutes."
"Josh, you are LAZY."
by shubbalicious May 18, 2007
someone who doesn't work for anything in their idea of a life
"That nig over there won't do anything! What a lazy fucking bastard."
"Same with that beaner sitting on the corner."
by Mr. Happy June 17, 2006
The art in which many black people take part in. Doing nothing all day long sums the definition up. Mexicans also take part in this world wide event. Did you know that millions of these people be "Lazy" Everyday?
What do you get when you cross a black person with a mexican. Someone to lazy to steal...
by phantom for MVP January 17, 2009
Ok, well first you have to consider that i'm writing this. Why? educate you poor insignificant fucks out there.
My definition of lazy is the means to find a solution to a problem which requires physical effort. Thus turning it into a challenge that requires thinking. Yes, thats right, Thinking. And then of course i dont have to get off my ass or i do, but just for a shorter period of time.

-Jas -out-

Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words

wtf else do you wanna know, leave me alone already!!
by Jas January 26, 2005
When someone, in this case Holly Ruth Guza, does not want to clean her pool by herself, would rather pay some money instead of complete an easy task
Don't go to a lazy persons house to swim
by NotTylerTheCreator July 12, 2015

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