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To say goodbye to your rad broskis
JAKE- latronic Jim
JIM- catch ya later broski
by Brotato Salad January 09, 2010
Latronics is a portmanteau of the words later and electronic and it is commonly used to say good-bye to someone when talking to them via instant messaging, or other means of electronic communication.
Bob: "See you tonight at the preparty!"
Mike: "Latronics!"
by Mr. San Francisco March 26, 2010
"Latronic"- adj.- Something with excessive fun. To be beautiful and entertaining.

Note- Usually used by a person in the surfing community. or any kind of boarding community.

Latronic originates from surfers in the 80's.
" Dude, we surfed the latronic horizon."

"That was so latronic, I wish I was that rad broski."
by Broski Rad January 18, 2010

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