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Getting angry, violent, short for aggitated
im getting aggy now!!
by n/a October 04, 2004
Noun:To Be Annoying, Frustrating, Or Aggravating.
She is always gettin' on somebody's nerves! She is so aggy!
by YoungChief The Meff a Dondotta September 06, 2007
the word derives from the adjectives 'aggressive' and 'agitated' and is the emotion felt when seriously angry and annoyed. Signs of 'agg' can often be seen in the eyes and mouth.

The best way of preventing a friend from getting aggy is to say "Mate, don't get aggy!"
Dave had just lost his fifth consecutive game of FIFA and was clearly getting aggy.
On closer inspection the pupils in his eyes were dilating and turning red, whilst his mouth was shaking uncontrollably with rage. He was so aggy.
by josh190889 January 04, 2010
Envy or a person who gets upset or irritated with another person
I made a little cash and now you all aggy.
by Kasara June 27, 2007
Aggy is basically another word for annoying or irratating.
Gosh Angel is always on my case she's so AGGY.
by Angel L. 11111 May 17, 2016
A blanket, often an Afghan, used to wrap around ones self to keep warm. Can also be used as a pillow.
"You're looking cold. Would you like an Aggy?"
by JDJC1982 October 07, 2015
Aggy can mean anything, although it's usually bad. It was originally used to described something annoying, because it came from the word aggrivating, but now it has evolved into a a word that can be used as pretty much any adjective, good or bad.

Aggy, saggy, mad aggy, mad saggy, agg, sag, mad aggs, mad saggs, agg sag, sag tron (noun),
"Ugh, I hate him! He's so saggy!"

"Your agg sag!"

"OMG thats madd aggy!"
by Sag tron October 11, 2011
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