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just another, shortened way of saying "later" or "goodbye".
Man, this kid's a Duff Head. I'm outta here....LATE!
by annonymus January 15, 2004
Probably the coolest way to say goodbye
Lates Scott i have to go
by -DJPC November 01, 2009
a farewell expression, derived from "see you later" or simply "later" or "late". some moron probably from camarillo, california thought adding an 's' would be funny. but it's not.
"lates brah" says guy in oakleys and sideways baseball cap
by chris drain October 02, 2005



Walt Disney is late, he is "6 feet under".
by coolbeans April 13, 2008
slang: to proclaim that one is in the process of vacating the premises. To say good-bye to a homey. Also short for: later, as in "see you later."
Ima fuck, aite. Late.

I'll see you at the club, late man.
by ookiemonster April 21, 2003
the act of getting wrecked, dealt, or lated.
you got dealt son, late.
all i do is late fools like you all day.
dealt, late.
stop hacking or i'll late u.
by hendrix5224 September 07, 2007
A term to mean someting is tired, no good, lacks taste, ugly, any negative description.
Very popular among black gay men.
That dress is so late.
He was so late for leaving me a lone.
This show is so LATE.
You're late.
by Jurran June 02, 2006