just another, shortened way of saying "later" or "goodbye" -- but usually only on the phone. you don't say this when saying goodbye to your friends after leaving a party
yo i'll talk to you tomorrow man, ok?? ok late!
by frank June 09, 2004
describing an object, track, person, situation that is negative/shit/lame sismilar to wack
that track is late,
that white boy is late
that car is late
what you done the other nite was late.
by late boy March 07, 2004
In the state of Virginia (DMV), "Late" is used to refer to someone who is either about to miss out on something really sweet at a party or someone who left to do something else. One should emphasize on the word "late" when it is being said. If the person is literally late to the party then they are "about to be late", because there is still a chance for them to enjoy themselves, but if they take too long and start to piss everyone off then they will be "LATE!".
Steve: (pops bottle of grey goose)
Joe: dam Tim shouldn't have left so early...
Steve: He LATE! (continues to pour everyone shots)
by flipkickva March 18, 2011
simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate,combination of both love and hate; general feeling of ambivalence.
Guy#1 Why do you still talk to her bro?

Guy#2 I don't know man its confusing, I fuckin late her!
by mostexcellant69 July 25, 2010
something which a man should never be
man: i will be there in ten!
women: okay
*20 mins later*
women: hes a dickhead!
by emmaaa29 May 19, 2011
When people are always late. ALWAYS. Not once in a while, ALWAYS. Late to school, late to lunch, late to your girlfriend's house, late to bed, everything. I hate these fucking people sometimes.
Late Person: "Sorry, baby, I'm late."

Late person's girlfriend: "Yeah, what else is new?"
by Melaniie. August 15, 2009
To late someone is to love and hate someone. Like a sibling relationship.
A seven year old girl responds " My brother does not love me he LATES me" meaning that he loves and hates me.
by africanwarrior October 25, 2011
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